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We have been developing solutions for our customers for over 20 years however I think we can prove ourselves by just giving you a few current projects we are working on.

Quidlink.com A productivity A social media app

seafersapp.com Country of Samoa a business app

automatednotaryfinder.com a business app

We were contacted by this company to develop a social media app. The purpose of the app was to simply allow users to make private and public events and invite their friends using facebook, twitter, google plus or from their phone contact list.

We developed a web based system that allowed exactly what the client requested plus monetize the traffic by allowing advertisers to place their products and services in front of 100s or 1000s of users. Finally we developed iPad, iPhone and Android app that is in the process of certification and the purpose was to maximize user base by allowing user access to events via mobile devices.

Seafersapp was developed for a famous Maritime company issuing certificates to seamen who must have proper documentation for being on ships with specific flags. We were given a summary of what was required and the forms that were used in the process. Our job was to fully automate the completely manual system. Also have a way for ship owners and managers to authenticate a seaman and their documents issued by this Maritime company. The project was completed on time and on budget and is currently being used by the company.
A very large mortgage banker contacted us because their company was manually processing a very time consuming process of calling and locating Notary Publics who would accept the signing task with the specific borrower in a specific zip code anywhere in the country. We were commissioned to create a cloud based app as well as mobile app for iOS and Android. Later we partnered with this mortgage company to promote and also develop an enterprise version. So we may offer this service to all mortgage and other vertical markets who require notary service. There was very specific features developed to help the Notary public and the clients to stay in touch and connected during the entire signing process.

What we do is only possible with teamwork among us. Account Executives, Creative, Coders, Project Manager working together to provide the best collaborative effort for your project. Our Moto is simply that everything is possible without limitations.

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