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Q. Where should I start with Social media?
A. Pick the most important sites you want to be social.

There are 100s of sites people are using to be social but obviously it is almost impossible to be in 100 places at once. So the best strategy is to pick the most important social media sites on the planet and build your brand and then your visitor base. The most important social media sites where people hangout are: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked In, Youtube and Pinterest.

What is next?

Next we have to bring the elements of design tactics used in your brand into social media development. This will help the audience instantly recognize and associate your social media presence to your brand.

Below is an example of how we associate colors and images of the brand in social media.



After the creation of the your brand in social media, you have now a new start.

Social Media is one of the only ways you are given the opportunity to interact with your customers live 24x7x365. Whether you are selling something online or you have an online business, your brand is under the microscope. The first action then is to create your brand in social media but next is to market your brand on social media by creating positive conservations about you. Be online and be ready to give your input in any conversation your brand is mentioned. Always be positive and always mention people by name. At GCM we develop your brand image and then assist you to market your brand on social media. There are no short-cuts. Either we show you how to do it or we do it for you. Those are your options.

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