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GCM develops effective web based, digital

solutions from A to Z for any industry

we take charge and we are the only point of contact on all multivendor solutions



We are not just an OTA with an online reservation system. By joining airlines and targeting their passengers, we are able to offer 1000s of passengers, accommodation to destinations they are traveling to. By doing so we offer our accommodations to increase occupancy percentage for our selected hotels.

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While Customer are in the process of buying their Airline ticket, we introduce them to our available hotels, tours, attractions and all inclusives.

The buyers with their credit cards on hand are the highest and best target audience for a hotel, tours, restaurants and more. We are able to offer these target buyers the best available accommodations and other amenities in the destination they just purchase their tickets. Our conversion rates are higher because the clients have already committed to visiting the chosen destination by purchasing their air tickets.


Our ONLINE Hotel Reservation offers:

  • No annual fee
  • No setup fee
  • A fixed straight forward commission
  • We offer room only reservation
  • We offer bundles and all inclusives
  • We can add tours
  • We can also add packages
  • We also perform drip marketing for continuous and effective remedy for occupancy blues

Let us consult with you at no cost.

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